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Welcome to the Burlington Edison (BE) Booster for Camp Orkila

First of all, THANK YOU so much for showing your support in getting our district 6th graders to Camp Orkila.

The BESD board has agreed to allow the 6th graders to attend Camp Orklia IF we raise enough funds each year to keep student costs low. 

The district has asked that we run this annual campaign like a booster club so we keep all raised funds separated from district funds and all earmarked for Orkila.

Our booster has our 501c3 status, a full board of officers and elementary school liaisons. We need lots of support with future fundraisers and welcome your help! Please contact us if you would like to join the efforts to get all BESD 6th graders to Camp Orkila!

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Due to COVID 19, we were unable to send the 2019-2020 6th graders to Camp Orkila.
We have not given up on these students and all the hard work they did raising money for camp. Since we are now unable to get them to Camp Orkila as 'soon to be 8th graders', and with unknown restrictions in the Fall of 2021, we have organized a one day solution to give them some of the camp highlight experiences!!
We have been in talks the past few months with the staff at Camp Orkila, the BESD School District and Camp Kirby in an effort to put together a one day event LOCALLY for our 8th graders in the Fall. They will get to do things like low ropes challenges and team building exercises, perfect to get them back into working together as the new school year begins!

All additional funds currently raised will go toward any efforts in the 2021-2022 to give the 7th graders a similar experience and hopefully the current 6th graders to Camp Orkila.